About CloudZow

Our Mission

CloudZow's mission is to provide leading edge technology to personal computer users everywhere to utilize the power and resources of the Internet to protect and maximize their information exchange.

Our Solution

The power of the personal computer has enabled millions of people to hold, in their hands, the capability of mainframe computers from days past. Commercial data centers provide safety nets for the data of large companies, but home and small business computers have not had these necessary safeguards to protect them from the loss of their important information and precious memories. The Cloud can provide the ability for these unprotected users to have their valuable data backed up automatically, in the background, to highly secured servers for safe retrieval when needed.

CloudZow offers a service to protect this user data with automated online backups at a price competitive with a marketplace currently dominated by companies such as Carbonite, Mozy, MyPC Backup, ZipCloud, JustCloud, BackBlaze, SOS, and others. These companies charge from $5 to $10, or more, per month to backup each computer and offer a limited set of features. CloudZow provides unlimited data backup with secured file retrieval and access from any computer or mobile device, works on both Windows and MAC computers, backs up 30 versions of each file, and offers 24/7 product support - for $5 a month per computer, with no long term contracts or cancellation fees.

Market Potential

CloudZow's initial target market is the estimated 300M personal computer users in the United States. The estimated value of automated computer backups for this market alone is $20B. Rapid expansion to the global market will provide an estimated market of 1.5B personal computers with a market value of more than $100B.

Technology analysts estimate that only 20% of individuals and small businesses, and only 60% of larger companies, are backing up their data. Every year over half of computer users lose irreplaceable documents, photos, music and videos from hard drive crashes, stolen laptops, viruses, and destroyed or accidentally deleted files.

4 out of every 5 of your friends, neighbors, coworkers, or strangers on the street do not have a proper backup solution, and that is the market CloudZow intends to capture.

Sales Strategy - YOU!

CloudZow sells its services through a sales force of marketing affiliates that utilize relationships with friends, family, associates, and others to market our services. CloudZow offers its affiliates the following key benefits.

  • Leading Edge Technology
    The new wave of Cloud Computing Services
  • Broad Market Demand
    $20B U.S. Market with 4 of 5 neighbors in need
  • Competitive Pricing
    $5 monthly per computer
  • Virtual Product
    No hassling with inventory and shipping charges
  • Sticky Product
    Old affiliates will continue using the service as customers
  • No Affiliate Fees
    No signup fees and no monthly fees
  • High Sales Commissions
    CloudZow pays out 70% to our affiliates
  • Duplication Opportunity
    Generate residual income from other referred affiliates

The Man behind the Machine

Mr. Bob Wood is the President and co-founder of CloudZow, Inc. He also founded Pinnacle Institute, a marketing and technology consulting company for the direct sales industry since 2004.

Mr. Wood has extensive network marketing experience as a consultant for many network marketing companies in all areas including back-office operations, accounting, finance, customer service, downline management, compensation plans, payment processing, marketing tools, lead generation, sales management, sales training, personal productivity tools and sales force support.

Previously Mr. Wood was a senior technologist for over 25 years with both Ross Perot and Bill Gates companies and founded Shabang.com during the Internet gold rush, raising $15M and building it to a $200M corporation. He also founded the underlying technology company, WinTech, Inc. in 1995 and has served as its President & CEO from its inception.

From 1998 to 2001, Mr. Wood served as the Chief Technology Officer, President & CEO, and Chairman of the Board of Directors for Shabang.com, an online e-commerce solution for merchants.

From 1990 to 1995, Mr. Wood served as Senior Consultant and Developer with Microsoft Corporation. While at Microsoft he was responsible for assisting both the management and technical staffs of Fortune 500 corporations in understanding, architecting and constructing distributed application architectures.

Mr. Wood is a regular speaker at entrepreneurial forums training business professionals on marketing strategies and the “Secrets of Online Marketing”. He provides consulting services on all aspects of business including organizational performance, sales and marketing strategies, employee productivity and retention, successful solution implementation, technology leverage and custom software development.

Mr. Wood's areas of technology expertise include solution development discipline and methodology, component-based application architecture, business process re-engineering, user interface design analysis, legacy system integration, multi-lingual solutions, relational data modeling, system development tools, technical instruction and project management.

Mr. Wood has twenty-five years experience with over fifty corporations as an Information Technology Consultant, Systems Analyst, Systems Programmer, Application Developer, System Tools Developer and Systems Architect in the corporate and commercial software development environments. He is also chief architect of the Hyper-Object Technology (HOT) application architecture.

Mr. Wood is an original member of the International Methodology Team that developed the Microsoft Solution Framework (MSF) and the Microsoft Solution Development Discipline (SDD). As a methodology evangelist and Certified Master Trainer, Mr. Wood traveled throughout the United States building development teams and architecting client server systems for Microsoft clients.

In addition to his regular consulting and management responsibilities, Mr. Wood was published in the Microsoft Systems Journal, published the blue book on "Re-engineering Software Development", and presented numerous executive lectures for Fortune 500 corporations on “Re-engineering Software Development”.